Suzanne Pashley


Suzanne Pashley has gained the majority of her experiences with German Shepherd dogs, having grown up with this breed. Martin has been teaching/passing on his valuable knowledge to Suzanne since 2002. 

Prior to meeting Martin she was a volunteer for the Hampshire Constabulary as a Special Constable with ambitions to join the Regulars as a Dog Handler (later moving to Devon & Cornwall Constabulary).

Meeting Martin and forming their own company HAPPY DOGS became an exciting challenge to fulfil instead.

Suzanne works alongside Martin in most training classes providing an extra pair of hands and instinctively timed words of advice to owners, their dogs and of course, Martin!
Suzanne also does voluntary work for the Cinnamon Trust a very worthy charity that cares for the pets of older people when difficulties arise, i.e. dog walking, fostering and providing home checks for potential foster homes. Please visit the Cinnamon Trust website for further details or contact Suzanne if you wish to become a volunteer, or if you are over retirement age and require help with your pet (of any kind).

As well as the above, Suzanne is also actively involved with Exmouth Swimming and Life Saving Society.
She stepped down from being Child Welfare Officer for the society after 2years of foretaking this role, but is now often seen on the ‘recording’ desk at home Galas or positioned at the end of the pool; time-keeping for each exciting race. A Society entirely led by volunteers [except main coach]. If you would like to get involved in volunteering in any capacity please contact Suzanne, as volunteers always needed.