Training Courses

(during any Government requested lockdown, classes will be postponed)

We run training courses for all levels of obedience with a limited number of dogs per class to ensure you are a full part of each lesson. Each obedience course runs for 6 weeks with a certificate presented on completion.
Homework comes as standard but do not panic as we will show you how it fits into your normal day. Everyday your dog will need instruction of some sort – the training/leadership never stops.  See our EVENTS section for course dates.

Beginners (levels 1, 2, 3) for all dogs over 6months old – see our PUPPY section for dogs under 6mths old.
These classes are suitable for everyone from a first time dog owner to those who simply have a new dog in the family. For many dogs this will be an important socialisation for them. Everyone who plays a part in the life of the dog is welcome including older children. You and your dog will learn the basics, e.g., sit, down, stay, heel; introducing & improving loose-leadwork and recall. Also not forgetting the all important FOCUS!
Voice & body language/timing & techniques (t&t’s) and canine psychology are a number of important factors you will discover and learn.

We will also be happy to discuss any problems you may have such as barking, biting, house training. All new dogs and their owners are asked to attend beginner classes first as they cover important areas such as safety, equipment and Happy Dogs foundations; the foundations of your training start here – Throughout all the Happy Dogs training courses you will always need to re-cap on the foundations taught in Level 1.

Intermediate (levels 4, 5, 6)
Moving on from the Beginner (levels 1, 2 and 3) Course this is taking the obedience skills further. Working at your own speed you will develop your techniques, improving on your body language and timing. Once again you can also work on anything that concerns you including aggression to other dogs or fears.

Advanced (levels 7, 8, 9)
You know those dogs that return to their owners instantly, give back the toys, not easily distracted and walk to heel perfectly?
Well…. this course will not give you a dog like this straight away, BUT the potential is there through your own hard work and commitment. We will guide you to fine tune the areas that need improvement.
Scent work and distance control are just some of the talents you can discover. These sessions can be inside our canine training centre or out and about.

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