Learn the fundamental behaviour you can expect from your puppy, from housetraining and basic obedience training to socialising and introducing them to children, and most importantly of all keeping it all fun!


Understand your dog and have your dog understand you, after all a trained dog is a content and happy dog. We offer advice and training on dealing with a pup that has behavioural/ psychological issues of any kind.


Daily walks with your dog provide a multitude of benefits to you and your dog. We can exercise your dog during the day (in a group or individually) and we can also pop into your house or building for puppy visits and feeding.

Care & Grooming

Essential knowledge to keep your dog healthy, stimulated and content. We offer many treatments for your dog including cleanliness, clipping nails, health/wellbeing, parasites and appearance.


Since 2004 we have been dedicated to helping owners look after their pets (full time), we treat every pet as if they were our own.
Our aim is to help you build up a relationship in which your dog understands you and you understand your dog’s needs – both mentally and physically.

Over the years we have been extremely pleased to have helped owners who have almost come to the end of their tether with not having any success with their troubled dogs. With our vast years of experience and skills, more often than not, there is a solution and concentrating on the right one for you is our goal.

We get very excited when now and then we spot a talented dog so keen to work, that they get the success they deserve and pass all relevant tests/procedures to become a working dog – extremely fulfilling and satisfying for both owner and dog.

We give expert and specialised advice on all aspects of owning a dog, from choosing the right breed for you; preparing for your puppy; training; food; equipment; exercise; health; law.

Enjoy your loyal companion they are a fantastic addition to your family!


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